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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Some of the good feedback from this year's survey

This is one of a series of posts responding to the results of the residents' survey. You can see all the posts here:

Here are some of the positive things people said about Connaught Hall in this year's  survey. The rest of my posts about the survey will be addressing negative comments, criticism, and suggestions for improvement, so I'd like to get some of the nice things out there, too!

Cost / value for money 

I could not budget for anymore - but Connaught is amazing and worth every penny

Welcome arrangements

The welcoming arrangements were great, handing out free food and drinks to keep everyone loosen up and get comfortable whilst socialising. Great job!
Connaught Hall, to me has become a home away from home. Everything about it from the start to now has been amazing. It has played an important part in settling me down in London. Hats off to the warden and the senior members for being so friendly and cooperative and arranging so many events throughout the year. How can i be homesick when i am already living at home? :)
I immediately felt incredibly welcome thanks to the warden's team and other residents already in halls.
I thought it was extremely welcoming. The Warden greeted me with a big smile and introduced me to some students who were already there. At the first dinner, I already felt safe and confident.
There was lots of information online so I knew what to expect. I felt at home right away, from the friendly receptionist to meeting the warden in the lobby at the welcome tea.


Couldn't have asked for a better internet connection!
Internet connection is very good.
Really impressed with the ease and speed of use with the wired internet cable connection. Think its extremely useful and good setup.
Very fast internet, I like it.
Wired internet's generally great and the cap is generous.

Cleaning & housekeeping 

Great cleaning, lovely cleaners.
Housekeeping staff are generally very good, I haven't had any issues with them.
I am overall satisfied with the cleaning. As I said the hall is clean most of the time, perhaps with the exception of weekends when the staff is not here, but that's understandable and residents should be more responsible in those days.
The cleaners do an excellent job.
The housekeeping staff are brilliant!!
The housekeeping staff are really nice!
The housekeeping staff are so friendly and great at their job.
Very satisfied with the cleaning here. Always very friendly and polite - and unnecessarily apologetic in case they disturb you!


Great maintenance staff.
Maintenance is generally good - if you have a problem you can report it to Matt through writing in a book at reception, and he normally deals with your request within a few hours, if not straight away.
Maintenance Matt who works in Connaught Hall is extremely efficient and a real gentleman.
Maintenance problems are always solved very quickly, and the maintenance man is always friendly and helpful.
The maintenance service, provided by Matt, is brilliant!
The service provided is of a very high standard. All of the times which I have had a problem concerning maintenance in my room, it has been resolved very quickly.
Very clear information throughout, any problems such as a broken kettle and a broken doorhandle were fixed within 24 hours. Maintenance staff always present in the hall to help.

Reception, security & safety 

All the receptionists are very kind. It is good how the same receptionists remain in the same halls as they then get to know the residents well.
Everyone I've spoke to at reception is friendly and helpful, security hasn't been an issue for me.
Everything about reception and security is perfect.
Feel safe in Connaught, especially with having the reception area where staff has to let people in themselves and check IDs of residents.
Fire safety posters are all around the building, conveniently located next to the elevator so people see it more often. Security staff are pretty nice. Mail and parcel handling is pretty good.
One of the security staff, Din, should be commended for his friendliness and approachability.
Reception staff are always very helpful.
There's a lot more security at Connaught than at pretty much all of the other student halls I've visited.

Students with disabilities 

Adrian and his team are fantastic.
Adrian is a very useful person to contact when there are problems- especially given his medical background. There are lots of posters around with numbers to call for various issues. It's a difficult question as there needs to be a balance of privacy and ensuring students don't become withdrawn.


The catering staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Rules, regulations & discipline 

The warden and his team are very clear and even handed at dealing with any violation of the hall rules - especially noise complaints which is brilliant.
The Warden and senior members are pretty good at managing noise complaints and other issues with living in such a social environment, in a constructive way that isn't too restrictive. They can be firm when necessary and I've heard of disciplinary meetings when residents are breaking the rules, but everything they do seems fair and if you're not troublesome they'll leave you to get on with everything and never bother you - but are always there for advice or help with anything. The Warden is always really great, and it's nice that he's in charge and enforces rules but also is very sociable and will chat to you when he sees you too. It's a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in halls, as long as you're willing to be reasonable about everything.

The Warden & Senior Members -- pastoral care & community life 

Adrian is a wonderful warden. He is always accessible and very easy to talk to. 
The community life is central to Connaught and everyone comes together in the common rooms and bar! It's one of the best aspects of the hall.
Adrian, Zack and KJ are very good at their jobs- events are well organised and suggestions are accommodated.
As I previously said, I have a really high opinion of the Warden. He's great, and the hall wouldn't be the same without him, and we all really appreciate everything he does for us. He genuinely cares that everybody is doing okay and enjoying their time here, and makes an effort to come to dinner and integrate himself with the residents, and is always present at the events hosted here. It's nice to know that he and the senior members are always around if you need help. Social life, community in halls, respect, tolerance, equality - all great. It's no surprise people often choose to stay on here in their second year (and some even in their third year).
Connaught Hall is by far the best hall!
Connaught Hall really is fantastic. The bar is an essential meeting place and community focus.
The community life here is great, this is Connaught Hall's best selling point in my opinion.
The atmosphere in the hall is very comforting and social. The warden and senior members are very involved with the activities of the hall.
The Warden and the Senior Members are very friendly and easy to find. The warden has open sessions which I believe are great and gives the residents an opportunity to speak about any topic.
The Warden is a great asset to the hall, as are the senior members. If you have any queries, they are always happy to help.
The warden is brilliant - senior members, particularly some, are extremely helpful and always there and Connaught would not be the same without Dr Clark.
The warden is great, he appears to foster a spirit of community. The atmosphere generally is great, everyone seems to get on and there is a certain pride to be from Connaught which is refreshing.
The warden is very good, you see him around, obviously involved in things and interested in what you say to him. He's polite and friendly and approachable.
I think the wardens efforts show... It's a nice friendly hall to live in. I was worried about moving away from home but I felt well supported and so welcome when I moved in, it's been fine.
The warden really makes the hall. He does an extraordinary job. Connaught Hall would not be the same without him.
This year would have been a lot more difficult without the warden he is very valued in this hall, him and his team are very approachable always happy to help - really can't over emphasise there importance and usefulness.

Social events, recreational facilities & the Residents' Club Committee 

I love having a bar in halls, it's convenient and sociable and a great place to meet up with people - I just wish people would use it more. But the bar manager and committee have put in effort to lower the prices of drinks which is good, and it's probably made a difference. The committee do a lot to enhance the community life in halls and it's noticeable.
It is amazing, there is always something going on in the Hall which I believe adds to the wonderful experience of living in Connaught Hall.
The events are great it is lovely to be living in such a social hall.
The residents' committee has organised various good events (I've attended some really cool parties at the bar), the Senior Members have organised some others (floor receptions, postgraduates' receptions, movember campaign and auction, multicultural celebrations, etc), and the Warden some others (welcoming tea and cake receptions, Christmas dinner, etc), so I think Connaught has something for everyone!
The Social life has been great, and a good way to bring disparate members of the hall together. the social life in this hall is great. Care is taken to include everyone and cultural activities are also commendable.
The social life is great.
The social life is great because of the bar, shared mealtimes and the events.
There's always things going on and that's one of the best things about living here. 
The bar is central to this hall. It's amazing to have our own bar.
The welcome teas at the start were important, as I felt I knew some people right from day one.
Our hall does lots of cultural nights - Indian Diwali, Chinese new year, Burns night, I think there were more as well. These are great fun and interesting to get involved in. Christmas tree decorating was wonderful, with a real family atmosphere. And Christmas dinner was just amazing. I know a lot of time went into that and I'd like to say thank you for it. I can't really think of any more events I'd add, tbh.

General comments / overall satisfaction 

Although the cost is around £30 more a week than my college's own halls, with the central location, catered accommodation, regular cleaning and social atmosphere I think it is definitely worth the extra. It has been a great experience to get to know so many people from all over the world, of different backgrounds and studying different subjects. I can only hope that I get the same experience again next year!
Amazing building filled with a great team of staff. It has been a pleasure living in Connaught Hall.
As mentioned, Connaught is sociable and lively due to the events organised and activity of its members such as the Connaught tv which is very funny, and parties. Additionally in the first few weeks second year members showed freshers clubs and good places to shop/explore in London such as Brick Lane and Borough Market, which was both fun and helpful.
Connaught has a very friendly atmosphere, really excellent staff, great location, I love my room and the view (third floor), just all-round enjoyment - I don't want to leave!
Connaught is fantastic. The warden is brilliant, and it is without doubt the best hall in London (that I am aware of!)
Excellent hall - the best in my opinion!
Great atmosphere- very sociable hall. Bar is a lifeline for socialising. 
I couldn't have asked for more. I am really hoping i can live here again. Can not imagine living anywhere else other than Connaught!
I love living here. It's been a great experience in my first year and I'd love to stay here again next year. 
The warden talks about family and community in speeches and newsletters (which are great, by the way, really good to see what going on) - and it's true, this is like a home for us. It's a safe, friendly, sociable, welcoming place and I would recommend it to anyone.
I would love to live in Connaught Hall for another year. I have really enjoyed the experience. I have made incredible friends and it really feels like home in Connaught. I feel very comfortable and very happy living here. I love it. Everyone from the Warden to the residents are very friendly and it makes living here a real dream.
It's a very friendly hall.
I chose to stay in Connaught in my first year because of its reputation as a social hall. It lived up to my expectations and has allowed me to meet many wonderful people. I really think the social aspect of Connaught ought to be a template for all halls.
Pastoral care, community atmosphere and attitude of residents all fantastic.
The experience at this hall has been great. Social life is good and the rooms are just the right size and comforting. The area is very safe and the warden, senior members, staff, etc are always around to help.
The hall is overall very accommodating and ideal. Close proximity to many UL campuses, very active social life, quiet rooms, a fair supply of food, very safe, etc.  It is much better than what I expected a student hall to be and if possible would continue to live here without a doubt.