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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FAQ: Study space

Residents often ask where they can study in the Hall, or if we can open rooms for them to study privately.

We expect most residents to do most of their study either in their room or at their college library. We provide a desk, chair, and lamp so you can study comfortably in your room. We do, however, provide other places for you to study. Residents in twin rooms have priority access to this study space.

Computer room

The Lang Room on the lower ground floor has two internet terminals for you to browse the web. There are also four computer desks which can be used for private study.

Convocation Trust Study Room

The Convocation Trust Study Room on the lower ground floor is for private quiet study mainly by students sharing twin rooms. There is comfortable space for nine people to use this room.

Additional study space

In the summer term, we will provide additional study space for residents who want to revise outside of their room. Normally we will leave the dining hall open from 7 pm to 11 pm for this purpose - but please remember to remove your things from the dining room by 11pm so we can lock up.

The dining hall is also routinely open on weekdays from breakfast until 2 pm, mainly so you can use the toaster, but you can study there, too.

In all these areas, please do not leave your books and study materials on the desks when you are not there: it's not fair on other residents who might want to use the space, and in some areas (especially the dining hall), can be unsightly - and is at risk of being thrown away by the cleaners!

We can be flexible, so if you need a particular type of space for a special project (e.g. big tables or an area for group study), contact me at least a five days in advance at or come to one of my open office sessions ( to discuss your requirements. I will do what I can to help.

Please also remember you can use most of the college libraries within the University of London, and these will operate extended opening hours during the exam season.