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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cultural sensitivity

"I feel that some cultures/countries where students come from are not well understood. Inadvertently some actions/events, though conducted with the best intentions, can be slightly insulting. Its not a very big or serious issue, just hope that such misunderstandings would not happen too often (though mostly ignored, it can be slightly irritating at times)."

I should really like to have some more specific feedback on this. Cultural sensitivity is something that I take very seriously indeed, so I sincerely apologise if there have been examples of a failure to respect different cultures or beliefs in Hall. We have not had any direct feedback to tell us where we might have gone wrong here: we need to know more so I can ensure we don;t see a similar comment in next year's survey!

Please contact me at or come to one of my open office sessions to help me understand what has gone wrong. If your concerns relate to my actions and you don't feel comfortable approaching me about it (although I can assure you I am very happy to receive constructive criticism), then email the Hall Manager at and ask her to discus the matter with me or forward your email with the name and email address removed.

Thanks for your feedback.

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