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Friday, 26 August 2011

FAQ: Internet restrictions

What are the restrictions on the Internet provided in student rooms?

For the beginning of the 2011-2 academic year, there will be a data cap of 35GB per week (this includes both uploads and downloads). The 35GB limit is for a trial period, having recently increased from 14GB. The limit will have to be reduced if the network is unable to cope with the increased traffic.

Edit August 2014: The data cap is now set at 70GB per week, per room. We hope to remove the limit altogether soon, so you can have unlimited data usage.

Edit August 2015: The data cap has been removed, so you have unlimited data usage.

Network Services also apply a content filter to the Internet provision in Hall. This is so that use of the Internet falls within the JANet terms of use that the University is bound by. In broad terms, pornography and filesharing sites are blocked. Again I must stress this restriction is imposed by Network Services in order to meet their obligations to JANet. As the Warden, I do not decide what content residents should or should not be allowed to access.

Edit July 2012: The pornography filter has been removed. Illegal sites and filesharing sites remain blocked.

Facebook page for students at all the intercollegiate halls of residence

I have set up a Facebook page for residents and staff of all eight intercollegiate halls of residence:!/pages/University-of-London-Intercollegiate-Halls-of-Residence/248015725232212
My hope is that this page will make it much easier for residents in different halls to contact one another and organise inter-hall events, sports competitions, etc. It should be especially useful for elected JCR / Club committee members.

Now available to chat on Skype

My Skype name is connaught.hall.

Residents and future residents are welcome to add me as a contact and if I'm shown as online, I am free to chat or voice call about Hall business.
I am also happy to approve Facebook friend requests from residents and chat via FB chat.
These online chat facilities are like an extension of my open office hours. Feel free to message or call me.

FAQ: Mattress sizes

I want to bring my own bedding to the Hall. What size are the beds?

The beds in most of our single rooms are standard UK single size - 91 × 191 cm (36 × 75 in).
Do remember, though, that we provide you with a bedding pack on arrival. This is yours to keep and includes a pillow, pillow case, duvet, duvet cover, and sheet.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Food theft from pantry fridges

It is a sad fact that every year I receive many complaints about food being stolen from the pantry refrigerators.

There is of course no realistic chance of us finding out who takes others’ belongings from the fridges as they are unsupervised and accessible to anyone 24 hours a day.

But the complaints I receive about this relate so much frustration, disappointment, and distress from those who have had their things stolen that I implore all of you to:
a) label anything you put in the fridge, so you know which items are yours
and there are no accidental mix-ups; and

b) only remove things from the fridge that belong to you: for however
you might try to justify it to yourself, taking someone else’s things is theft
and is extraordinarily selfish.

I know this request only need apply to a handful of residents, as the
very great majority of you already respect each other and each other’s
Sometimes, your fellow residents keep food in the fridge because they are unwell and can only muster an appetite for certain foods, or because they have special dietary requirements. They might have to go hungry if someone else takes their food. And whatever the reason for having food in the refrigerators, it is really upsetting to find it taken by someone else.

I sincerely hope that I shall receive no complaints about food theft this year.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

FAQ: Worried about fee dates / deadlines / can't pay on time

When do I have to pay? What if I can't pay my fees on time?

Hall fees are due in termly instalments in the first two weeks of October, January, and April.

The online fee payment site ( will allow you to pay in one lump sum or in termly or monthly instalments.

If you anticipate any problems paying on time, please contact the accommodation finance office: either visit them at Student Central on Malet Street, or email

If you tell us about your difficulties before the deadline and agree a payment plan with us, we can nearly always reach an agreement that you will be happy with. It is much more difficult if you leave it until after the deadline or if you ignore reminder notices from us!

If you prefer to pay in person rather than online, you must go to the office at Student Central. The office at Connaught Hall cannot receive payments.

Room rates for 2015-2016 are published here:

FAQ: Gym / fitness room

Does Connaught Hall have a gym / fitness room?

No. Unfortunately, our fitness room had to be closed in 2009 because we were unable to insure users of the fitness equipment against injury.

What used to be the fitness room is now our library.

All University of London students can join the "EnergyBase" gym at ULU on Malet Street and the "Bloomsbury Fitness" UCL union gym on Gordon Street, both of which are very nearby. There are also Fitness First, Nuffield Health, and Bannatyne’s gyms within easy walking distance of the Hall and most offer discounted membership rates for students.

FAQ: Car parking

Where can I / my parents park when moving into / out of the Hall?
Most of Tavistock Square and adjoining Gordon Square have a single yellow line (parking prohibited at specified times) and residents' parking bays. During the week, it is therefore very difficult to park near the Hall, and the best option is usually to park in the NCP car park underneath the Royal National Hotel, one block south of Connaught Hall, at a cost of about £20 for 6 hours.
Anyone can park on the single yellow lines or in the residents' parking spaces in Tavistock Square and Gordon Square:
  • after 6.30pm Mon-Fri;
  • after 1.30pm Saturday; and
  • all day Sunday.
So if you are arriving on a Sunday, as most people do, you can park on the street just outside the Hall.
For ease of reference, here is a local area map on Google Maps:

FAQ: Overnight guests

How long can I have someone stay with me at Connaught Hall? How many guests am I allowed?

You may sign in a maximum of three day guests at any one time.

You may have one overnight guest at any one time. 

You may have someone stay with you overnight for up to 10 nights in total per calendar month. This could be a single stay of 10 nights, or ten separate one-night stays, or anything in-between, up to a maximum of ten nights in the month. 

When your overnight guest arrives, tell the security officer that you want the guest to stay overnight. Provided you have not already had 10 overnight stays that month, security will issue your guest with an overnight guest pass. If you are staying in a twin room, please seek permission from your roommate before inviting an overnight guest.

If you want to host more than three day guests at the same time, more than one overnight guest on the same night, or have more than 10 nights in one calendar month when a guest stays with you, you must make a request to the Warden. You must send your request to the Warden by email at least 48 hours in advance, and ideally 7 days before your guest is due to arrive. Your request should include a reason why the Warden ought to make a special exception for your case.

The Warden will not necessarily agree to all requests for extra guests. Never promise others they can visit you outside the rules above before securing written agreement from the Warden.

FAQ: Shared bathrooms

How many people share a bathroom at Connaught Hall?
We have 230 rooms on 6 floors; each floor has two toliet/shower blocks (one male, one female) with three toilet stalls and three shower cubicles in each block. 19 rooms have ensuite facilities.
On average, then, about 21 people share each block of three toilets & showers.
That's one toilet stall or one shower cubicle per 7 residents.
Everyone gets up at different times due to different lecture schedules, so in practice it is very unusual to see any queues for the showers.
The bathrooms are fully cleaned every day, Monday-Friday, and have a "light clean" on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.