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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Residents' Survey - response rate

Survey response rate

The response rate to the Residents' Survey this year was a little disappointing: we had the lowest ever response rate since the survey moved online in 2010, and still the fourth lowest ever in the history of the survey, if you include the years when it was an A4 paper "physical" survey:
  • 2013 - 40.8% - online, administered by the University of London research & development unit
  • 2012 - 43.9% - online, administered by the Warden
  • 2011 - 50.4%online, administered by the Warden
  • 2010 - 47.8%online, administered by the Warden
  • 2009 - 35.1%paper, administered by the Vice-Warden
  • 2008 - 44.9% - paper, administered by the Vice-Warden
  • 2007 - 39.5%paper, administered by the Vice-Warden
I am disappointed that we have heard from so much less than 50% of the Hall, which really could call into question the validity and broader applicability of the results.

It's too late to take the survey now, so please use every opportunity to feedback to us via or comment on Connor Tall's Facebook post here:

We do value every comment, suggestion, and complaint you send to us. Keep them coming!

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