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Sunday, 31 March 2013

"if you are physically abusive, you should be thrown out of the hall"

We received this comment in the residents' survey:
"if you are physically abusive, you should be thrown out of the hall on a zero-tolerance basis."
I am really very concerned about this comment, since it implies that someone has been physically abusive in Hall this year. We do have clear regulations about this:

Licence Agreement -- 9.3 You must behave in a responsible and proper manner at all times with consideration for all other students, staff, local residents, and members of the public generally. Behaving in an aggressive, violent, abusive, insulting or threatening manner towards anyone in the Hall is not acceptable and is a disciplinary offence, which may lead to expulsion. It is expected that every student should be able to study or rest without disturbance from others at any time, and particularly from 11.00 pm. to 7.00 am.
I have also written a document that explains the various University and Hall rules and regulations around discrimination, bullying, and harassment:

In general, if there is sufficient evidence that someone has behaved abusively or violently in Hall, they will be removed from the Hall immediately (in the case of guests) or within 24 hours (in the case of residents).

If the person who submitted this comment remains concerned about an incident of abuse, bullying, or harassment, he or she should contact me in confidence as soon as possible.

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