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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FAQ: Can the bar be open more?

We are commonly asked if the bar can be open more / longer hours.

The opening times for the actual bar (i.e. serving drinks) are set by the Bar Manager with a view to keeping the bar financially viable. This usually means the bar is open and serving drinks for 3-3.5 hours every night during term 1, and less in terms 2 and 3. This year (2013), the bar is still open every night in term 2, but only for 2 hours, from 9pm to 11pm. The Bar Manager is always happy to consider your ideas for how the bar could be open longer hours without losing money, so get in touch at Of course, there are also some legal / licensing restrictions on the hours the bar can serve alcoholic drinks.

The bar area (i.e. the room where the bar and pool table are) is not a common room. By and large, the bar area is only open when there is a member of staff serving drinks behind the bar. This year, the Duty Senior Member opens the bar area at 7pm so the area is open and unsupervised for up to 2 hours a day.

We have tried in previous years to keep the bar area open for longer as an extra common room, but problems have always arisen and forced us to return to locking the bar area except when it is supervised:
  • damage to the pool table;
  • break-ins and theft from behind the bar;
  • vandalism of chairs and sofas in the bar area;
  • noise complaints from rooms facing the garden because of people playing the piano or music in the bar after 11pm;
  • use of the doors from the bar to access the garden when it is closed after 11pm, also leading to noise complaints.
Because of these problems - all of which occurred more than once over a few years - we unfortunately cannot agree to open the bar area for longer.