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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Seconds at dinner time

If you would like a second portion of dinner, please form a line behind the "seconds queue" sign hanging from the ceiling at 7:00 pm, and wait there until the server calls you forward.

Otherwise, it can be difficult for people coming into the dining hall for "firsts" to know where they should queue. And of course, everyone should have the chance to get a first portion before anybody takes a second portion. So that's why we have a separate line, clearly distinguishable from the "firsts" queue.

Seconds should usually be available from around 7:05 pm, as the kitchen staff have to weigh how much is left over at 7:00 pm before they offer anything for seconds. So that's why you should wait until you are called forward.

Results of the Residents' Club election on Tuesday 7th October 2014

Last night, Connaught Hall residents voted for their Club committee officers. 13 candidates stood for election to the five positions available. The results are shown in the table below:

All thirteen candidates made a speech at the hustings meeting in the dining hall last night. All of them did very well to address such a large audience and they all had some great ideas for the year ahead.

So I offer my congratulations not only to the five elected candidates, but also to the eight others who were not elected, but who should still be proud of their achievement for standing up and being active participants in our Hall community. There are many opportunities throughout the year to get involved in planning and organising social, sports, and community events - and I hope we will see much more of Amoli, Nick, Maud, Rosie, Lucy, Michela, Jose, and Nicole getting involved in this way.

There is more information about what the committee will be doing next at At their first meeting, they will decide who will take up which roles - President, Secretary, Treasurer, Entertainment, and Sports.

I look forward to working with this new committee towards achieving their election pledges and making this year unforgettable (for good reasons) for everyone.