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Monday, 10 October 2011

Thank you to the Committee of 2010-1

On Thursday we will elect a new Committee to manage the Connaught Hall Residents' Club.

But before we get stuck into plans for a Hallowe'en party, Christmas events, restoring the newspaper subscriptions, and everything else our new Committee will want to do, I want to stop and say a great big thank you to James "Willy" Wilson, Michelle Ansah, Tom Stewart, Zac Zurybida, and Amin Yazdi who served on the Committee last year.

Zac and Michelle, though they no longer live in Hall, came back this month to help organise the fabulous welcome party on Saturday night. Being no longer resident, they had no obligation to do so but their dedication brought them back - and we must thank them especially for this.

As sports officer last year, Amin invested in equipment that residents can borrow from reception to play tennis, football, badminton, and other sports. Thank you, Amin.

Tom was the Club Treasurer last year and was appointed Bar Manager in June. He inherited a Club with a difficult financial position so his job as Treasurer has not been an easy one; but he successfully reined-in the Club's spending and although the Club still faces financial challenges this year, it should be much easier for the new Treasurer to build up the Club's depleted reserves. Tom took an interest in all aspects of the Residents' Club last year - not just the strict Treasurer's remit of accounts and balances. He has made an excellent start as Bar Manager, as is evident from the highly successful "grand opening" night and welcome party.
James has not been a good President: he has been an outstanding President. Again, he inherited a tough job with unique pressures - both internal and external - on the Club and, indeed, on the entire social fabric of the Hall. He has led by consensus; faced every challenge with vigour and good humour; and truly been a champion of this Hall's values, spirit, and community. Despite being short of money, his Committee organised events and parties throughout the year: every one was a success.
So finally, to James and Tom: thank you!