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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Weekend round-up

1. Televisions / common rooms / sofas

The TV in the Bamforth Room has good reception of BBC ONE via the FreeSat receiver. Put the TV on AV input 2 and use the EPG on the FreeSat box to find one of the BBC ONE channels with a good picture.

The TV in the Bell Room has good reception of ITV1 through the terrestrial aerial. Select P3.

I have asked for a TV engineer to be called out to get all channels working on both TVs again.

During this term the Hall will buy some new sofas for reception and the sofas currently in reception will be moved to the common rooms. We also have some more comfortable chairs coming this week for the Bell Room.

2. Drinking water

The water fountains were removed from reception and the dining hall on Friday. I have asked the kitchen to put out jugs of water at meal times, and will find out about replacing the water fountains this week.

3. The garden / smoking / drinking alcohol

Please remember that smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area, not in the rest of the garden. Smoking too close to the building or under the shelter outside the bar causes smoke to go into rooms facing the garden, which isn't very nice for non-smokers!

The Supplementary Regulations also say that only alcohol bought from the Hall bar may be consumed in the garden and Bell Room from 19.00 to 23.00. This is a licensing issue; breaking this rule could lead to the licence being revoked for our bar.

4. Newspapers

Traditionally, the Club subscribes to a number of daily newspapers which are placed the reception lobby for residents to read. At present, the Club has insufficient cash funds available to pay these subscriptions for September and early October.

Newspapers will be re-started when the Club receives this term's instalment of £10/resident/term subscriptions from the Bursar's Office.

5. Fire drill

There will be a fire drill on Monday evening.

When you hear the fire alarm:
  • Evacuate the building immediately.
  • Close all doors and windows behind you.
  • Leave by the shortest route.
  • Do not use the lift.
  • Assemble on the pavement opposite the Hall.

Follow the green exit signs to find your nearest escape route (not necessarily via the main stairs/reception). Hall staff will help you.

Remember it is possible that there may be a real fire alarm on the day, so for your own safety never ignore the alarm because you assume it is a drill.

It is a condition of residence that you participate in fire drills. If the total evacuation time is too long, more drills will be held over the next few weeks – so don’t let everyone else down!

Please contact me or the Bursar’s Office if you may need assistance to evacuate the building.

6. Events next week

Tue 04/10 - Welcome buffet 6-7pm in the dining hall

Wed 05/10 - Floor party for fourth floor, hosted by John

Thu 06/10 - Floor party for third floor, hosted by Alyson

Fri 07/10 - Floor party for first floor, hosted by Zack

Sat 08/10 - Welcome party 8pm-2am in the bar

Sun 09/10 - Postgraduate reception (second floor), hosted by Tom

Mon 10/10 - Floor party for ground & lower-ground floors and second-floor undergraduates, hosted by Ilk