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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Freshers 2011

So, freshers' month is pretty much finished for another year. I hope everyone has enjoyed the events we have organised and already met lots of friends here in Hall - but although it's the end of freshers', it's also just the beginning of the rest of the year.
I certainly have enjoyed meeting everyone. This has been a very good-natured and friendly start, so I am looking forward to a good year. I have had the chance to meet many residents in the relative quiet of our Sunday afternoon teas and Senior Member floor receptions; seen and shared the fun of the bar grand opening and last night's excellent welcome party (thank you, Tom, James, Zac!); and served hundreds of glasses of wine at our two welcome dinners. And I always consider it a great privilege to have the attention of the whole Hall for my speech at the welcome buffet.
Thank you for making this one of the best "welcome" months I can remember. It's going to be a great year in Hall.

You can see all the photos from our 2011 freshers' events here: