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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Foundation Day

As a Hall Warden, I enjoy leading a contingent of residents to Senate House on Foundation Day. Before we leave Connaught Hall, those of us attending the ceremony get together for a special meal and a drink then walk across to Senate House as a group. The residents who request tickets are always a diverse bunch and the evening is therefore a time when they socialise with a completely different group from usual.

At the presentation ceremony, we learn about the extraordinary and often inspiring lives of the graduands. But it is the reception afterwards that is really special for the students: the excitement is palpable when the Chancellor is approaching our group, yet everyone says afterwards how much Her Royal Highness put them at ease and was so interested in what they had to say. For most student residents, both home and international, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event; many can hardly wait until the official photographs are available to buy online!

Everyone who attends loves the excuse to dress up and look their best; we meet people we might otherwise never talk to; and the presence of the Chancellor makes it an evening the students remember forever.