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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Revised Residents' Handbook

The Connaught Hall Residents' Handbook has been fully revised for 2011.

At page 51 of the pdf is a "top ten tips" page. Many of these are a bit dull at the moment, so I am looking for suggestions - what little gems of information do you wish you had when you moved in? Pass on your experience to next year's new residents by contributing a "top ten tip"! Either email me or comment on this blog post with your ideas.

Other new content:

  • a fully revised and expanded section on noise;
  • maintenance response times;
  • what to do if the washing machine breaks down;
  • snow & ice policy;
  • personal emergency evacuation plans for residents who may need special assistance in an evacuation;
  • heating times;
  • local transport links;
  • gambling;
  • alcohol;
  • extensively revised sections on catering, re-admissions, the Facilities Committee, Residents' Club Committee, bar & common rooms, Bursar's Office, InHAB, and the Warden's team.