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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Apple cores in children’s nursery behind Connaught Hall

Apple cores in children’s nursery behind Connaught Hall

Those of you who live on the back of the Hall, facing the courtyard garden, are probably aware that there is a children’s nursery in the buildings on the other side of the courtyard, with a small garden fenced off from ours.

The staff at the nursery have been finding apple cores in their garden most mornings for the last few weeks and they have complained to us that they think these apple cores are being thrown out of windows at Connaught Hall.

I have no way of proving or disproving their suspicion but this week their staff rescued a child just in time from choking on an apple core he had picked up in the garden. It was very a serious “near-miss”. So please, please let’s make sure nothing of ours ends up in the garden of the nursery. Throwing things out of the window is a breach of paragraph 8.2 of the Connaught Hall Supplementary Regulations – and can lead to expulsion – but that is of no significance whatever if a child chokes to death on something that one of us threw out of the window as rubbish.

The apple cores may never have come from Connaught Hall – but please let us all have an absolutely clear conscience on this.