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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Residents' Survey 2011

Feedback from residents is the best driver for us to improve the service we provide to you. Your opinion is important to us.

Residents from all the intercollegiate halls of residence will be invited to complete our online survey next week, but I can send Connaught Hall residents the link early (so if you complete this survey now, you can ignore the email you will get from info.halls next week). I can see your responses as soon as you send them, so the sooner you respond, the sooner I can start acting on your feedback!

Please use the free text sections to explain to us what you do and do not like about anything and everything in Hall. The more specific you can be, the better. And it is important that you tell us what is good as well as what is bad – to make sure we keep doing the things you already like, and reward the staff who are doing a good job.

It’s completely anonymous so you can say exactly what you really think.

I can see your responses in real time. Then, after the closing date, the results for all eight halls are sent to all the senior staff in all the halls as well as the Head of Residences & Facilities, the regional catering manager, the Facilities Contracts Manager, and the Director of Estates & Facilities – all senior University staff based at Senate House. So your opinions will be heard at a very high level.

Fill out the survey now – go to

It’s the same survey as the one info.halls will contact you about next week – but the earlier you respond, the sooner I can get things done.