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Monday, 26 September 2011

Afternoon tea 2011

It has been a busy week at Connaught Hall, with over 200 residents arriving since last Saturday.

On the two Sundays, 18th and 25th September, the Senior Members and I hosted afternoon tea - - with a whole load of delicious cakes and biscuits. I hope these events serve to ease anxieties about moving in, not meeting anyone, and the inevitable "parent separation" at the end of the day (I'm sure this is more for your parents' benefit, though!).
It's also a very enjoyable opportunity for me to get to meet everyone as they move in and help out with any small problems they might have come up against. This year, our afternoon teas were especially busy - we really struggled to keep up the tea & coffee supplies yesterday. I am really pelased that so many people came to take advantage of this. I have met so many very pleasant students this week which makes me look forward to a great year again!
I am sorry about the dinner queue last night. This was much longer than usual, maybe because there was a large influx at the beginning going straight down from afternoon tea. Rest assured it will not be a recurrent problem beyond the early freshers period - but of course this isn't something you want to experience on your first day here. I hope the wine I was able to serve to those who had queued the longest went some way to help.
The final afternoon tea event this year will be on Sunday 2nd October. All current residents are welcome - especially if I haven't met you yet, please come and say hello!