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Friday, 26 August 2011

FAQ: Internet restrictions

What are the restrictions on the Internet provided in student rooms?

For the beginning of the 2011-2 academic year, there will be a data cap of 35GB per week (this includes both uploads and downloads). The 35GB limit is for a trial period, having recently increased from 14GB. The limit will have to be reduced if the network is unable to cope with the increased traffic.

Edit August 2014: The data cap is now set at 70GB per week, per room. We hope to remove the limit altogether soon, so you can have unlimited data usage.

Edit August 2015: The data cap has been removed, so you have unlimited data usage.

Network Services also apply a content filter to the Internet provision in Hall. This is so that use of the Internet falls within the JANet terms of use that the University is bound by. In broad terms, pornography and filesharing sites are blocked. Again I must stress this restriction is imposed by Network Services in order to meet their obligations to JANet. As the Warden, I do not decide what content residents should or should not be allowed to access.

Edit July 2012: The pornography filter has been removed. Illegal sites and filesharing sites remain blocked.