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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

FAQ: Overnight guests

How long can I have someone stay with me at Connaught Hall? How many guests am I allowed?

You may sign in a maximum of three day guests at any one time.

You may have one overnight guest at any one time. 

You may have someone stay with you overnight for up to 10 nights in total per calendar month. This could be a single stay of 10 nights, or ten separate one-night stays, or anything in-between, up to a maximum of ten nights in the month. 

When your overnight guest arrives, tell the security officer that you want the guest to stay overnight. Provided you have not already had 10 overnight stays that month, security will issue your guest with an overnight guest pass. If you are staying in a twin room, please seek permission from your roommate before inviting an overnight guest.

If you want to host more than three day guests at the same time, more than one overnight guest on the same night, or have more than 10 nights in one calendar month when a guest stays with you, you must make a request to the Warden. You must send your request to the Warden by email at least 48 hours in advance, and ideally 7 days before your guest is due to arrive. Your request should include a reason why the Warden ought to make a special exception for your case.

The Warden will not necessarily agree to all requests for extra guests. Never promise others they can visit you outside the rules above before securing written agreement from the Warden.