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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Residents' Survey - the dining hall

Responses to Residents' Survey 8: heating in the dining hall

Continuing my series of blog posts to repond to residents' comments in the February 2010 intercollegiate halls residents' survey. A summary of responses to the multiple choice questions on the survey can be seen here: Residents' Survey results. And you can filter this blog so just the survey-related posts show by clicking on "survey" in the list of labels on the right hand side.

Several survey responses mentioned that the dining hall can be cold, especially in the mornings.

The radiators in the dining hall have all been checked and are working properly. A major contributing factor to the cold is the very poorly insulated roof with north-facing skylights, some of which are very difficult to close. The Bursars have secured fundig for the roof of the dining hall to be completely replaced during the summer this year, which should make it much easier to control the temperature in that part of the building.