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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Residents' Survey - Bursar's Office

Responses to Residents' Survey 10: Bursar's Office

Continuing my series of blog posts to repond to residents' comments in the February 2010 intercollegiate halls residents' survey. A summary of responses to the multiple choice questions on the survey can be seen here: Residents' Survey results. And you can filter this blog so just the survey-related posts show by clicking on "survey" in the list of labels on the right hand side.

A couple of survey respondents said they thought the Bursar's Office staff were difficult to approach. Harriet, Hafsi, and David are a great team and very friendly so we could only assume this difficulty arises from residents not knowing how, when, or where to appoach them.

I met with the Deputy Bursar and we agreed it would be helpful to post office hours outside the door to the Bursar's Office and an invitation to go right in and discuss any problems. Office hours are liited at the moment due to staff sickness but as soon as the rota is sorted out again, ths measure will be implemented.

Please do feel free to approach anyone in the Bursar's Office during working hours about anything that's bothering you in Hall. They will deal with most facilities / services / accommodation matters there and then, or they might refer you to speak to me if your concerns are related to a socal, wefare, or health matter. Out of hours, there is a Duty Senior Member whom you can contact via reception.