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Friday, 13 September 2013

To all residents moving in this weekend

Welcome to Connaught Hall!

We have organised a few events over the next couple of weeks to help you meet one another and the staff in Hall. The first is on Sunday 15 September: tea & cakes in the reception lobby, 2.30 till 5.30 pm. Check the posters in Hall, and find us on Facebook and Twitter for details of all the other things we are putting on for you.

It is with great regret that I now find myself unable to join you for all of this week’s afternoon tea. I unexpectedly have to provide night shift cover as the doctor in charge of University College Hospital accident & emergency department (UCH A&E, where I work when I am not doing Warden things) all weekend. But I will do my best to make it to the last half hour or so of afternoon tea.

So I am sad that I shall not get to meet so many of you this weekend, but there will be lots more opportunities for us to meet in the next few weeks, including our curry night on Tuesday and more afternoon tea events every Sunday in September.

I hope you enjoy your time here at Connaught Hall and that this year is happy, safe, and productive for you.

Please get in touch in you have any worries or questions.