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Friday, 19 October 2012

Congratulations to the new Committee

Many congratualtions to Kat Pierce, elected as President last night, and the other new Officers of the Committee: Chris Madden, Daisy Bartlett, Christopher Wongsosaputro, and Jaiminee Patel. They will decide who will take the roles of Secretary, Treasurer, Entertainment Officer, and Sports Officer at their first meeting.

The Residents' Club pages on the Hall website have now been updated:

Well done also to everyone who stood as a candidate in the election. Each and every one of you spent the time to sign up and write a manifesto, and stood up to speak in front of more than 150 of your peers at last night's hustings. I enormously appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for your Hall and our community, and I truly hope that you will get fully involved in helping us to organise activities and events this year. Not being on the Committee is no bar - is not even a disadvantage - to being a big player in the Hall community. We need people like you!

Some the matters the new Committee will need to consider early this term include:

1. The common room TVs
2. A Hallowe'en party in Hall to complement the boat party?
3. Repairing or replacing the table football
4. New table tennis equipment

They will also be keen to start implementing some of their manifesto commitments, which you can still view here:

I greatly look forward to working with the new Committee and making this year at Connaught Hall even better than any before!

Photographs of last night's election are on our Flickr stream:

A video of highlights from the night will be released on ConnaughtTV soon.

Finally, I should like to express and put on record my sincere thanks to the outgoing members of the Residents' Club Committee for their work over the last 12 months: Neaty Soopaul and Matthew Bovingdon-Downe (President), Chris Madden (Secretary, re-elected this year), Adam Luptรกk (Treasurer), Tim Phedon (Entertainment Officer), Hafez Salameh (Sports Officer). I am sure those of you who have returned to the Hall this year will continue to contribute generously to Hall life.