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Thursday, 14 July 2016


We can help you most efficiently and effectively at Connaught hall if you contact us using our published email addresses:

We aim to reply to all emails within 3 working days of receipt, but we are usually much quicker than this.
If you try to contact us using Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, iMessage, or other media, we don't always see your message right away and this can cause very significant delays to our response (in some cases, where Facebook Messenger has put messages into the "filtered messages" folder, they have only been seen months after the message was sent!).
Our "How can we help you" poster is displayed prominently around the Hall and tells you the best way to contact us for pretty much any kind of query or problem: 

There's more information about how to contact the Warden - and specifically how to arrange an appointment to meet - here:

Finally, please may we reiterate that it's best not to contact us about official queries or problems via Facebook or other social media, as this can lead to a delay in us responding to you.

As always, get in contact if you need any help or guidance. We depend on your feedback to help us get things right for you.