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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas dinner speech by the Warden, Friday 11 December 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! I hope you have enjoyed our Christmas dinner so far.

It couldn't happen without a lot of hard work from our catering team, so let's say thank you to them... And let's show our appreciation for Dorothy, our pianist; Laura, our photographer; and everyone who helped set up the dining hall and the bar today...And a final big thank you to the Residents' Club Committee: Isaiah, Kiyomi, Janós, Rory, Sonny, and Benjy who have put in weeks of organising for tonight.

But the real stars of this term have been you, ladies and gentlemen. Every one of you. In just a few months, your lives have completely changed from how they were at the beginning of 2015. So you can justifiably be proud that you're here tonight, in the company of your new friends, in a warm, supportive community that you have built together. 

So far, I've enjoyed this year more than any I can remember. So please accept my personal thanks for the part you have played in shaping this year in hall. 

Now, it's time for me close. Coming up, we have some after-dinner entertainment headed up by Rory. Then I hope you will join in singing some Christmas songs with us. The words are on your table. 

If you're travelling for the holidays, I wish you safe journeys.

And wherever you will be, I wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy, prosperous new year. 

So now please raise your glass for a toast... To a merry Christmas!