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Monday, 5 June 2017

When the Warden is away

I am away on leave from Monday 5th June until Wednesday 14th June 2017, and will not be able to reply to email or social media messages between those dates.

I will aim to catch up with correspondence received whilst I am away no later than Monday 19th June.

But you don't necessarily have to wait until then for a reply! Read below to see if your query could be dealt with by someone else sooner.

If you need a landlord or tenancy reference:

For all very urgent or emergency problems:
  • Go to reception or phone 020 7756 8200 and ask to speak with the duty manager (during office hours, normally 9 till 5, Monday to Friday) or the duty senior member (evenings, nights and weekends).
  • In very serious cases, Hall staff can contact me for guidance 24 hours a day, and can also call on the help of a warden from another hall of residence if a senior presence is urgently required on site.

If you want to meet with me after I return:

For suggestions about the Hall or facilities (including catering):

  • Email Your message will automatically be forwarded to me, the Hall Manager, catering management team, and facilities senior member.

For noise complaints:

  • Visit If you follow the instructions there, either the duty senior member or the senior member living on your floor will be able to help you while the Warden is away.

To request an exception to the rules about guests (e.g. extra overnight guests, or extra nights):

If you need a landlord reference, bank letter, or proof of address:

For queries about accommodation fees / deposits:

For queries about your accommodation contract / swapping rooms / leaving early / applying for admission or re-admission:

For queries about senior member recruitment:

For anything else:
  • Many queries can be answered by reading guidance that we've already published. So remember to check:
  1. the Hall Handbook;
  2. our "How can we help you?" poster; and
  3. answers to frequently-asked questions.