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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Contacting the Warden

How to request an appointment

Check this calendar for my availability:

Choose the week, month, or agenda tab at top right - whichever view you find easiest to read –

My available time is divided into half-hour slots. 

You can choose any "available" slot that is convenient for you. 
If you need to talk about something very sensitive or complex, it's a good idea to request two consecutive slots, so we can spend an hour together.

Send an email to request the appointment time you want:

Please give me at least 12 hours' notice for the appointment slot, so I can make sure I am in the Hall at that time (although I am available, if no one requests an appointment, I may not be in Hall).

My "open office" sessions (where I would sit for an hour or so in my office with the door open, usually in the evening) were not well used this year. Many sessions, I did not see a single resident. But residents were still asking for appointments to see me at times outside my open office sessions.

So my open office sessions are cancelled for the rest of this year. The Warden role is not office-based, so if no one comes to my open office sessions, I am left sitting with nothing to do. That isn't a good use of my time or your accommodation fees.

Consequently, instead of open office sessions, I have developed this new way of requesting an appointment to meet with me, using a calendar that shows when I am available - so you can choose a time that is most convenient for you.

Other ways of getting in contact: