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Thursday, 13 November 2014

WiFi in Hall - survey feedback

Some comments in last week's survey responses demonstrated that we perhaps have not been very clear about the WiFi provided in Hall. Some residents complained that their friends in Hall have WiFi but they do not.

There is no WiFi in study-bedrooms at Connaught Hall. The only supported internet connection in your room, paid for out of your accommodation fees, is the wired connection.

We do provide WiFi, through which you can access EduRoam if your college subscribes to this service, in most common areas, including:

  • reception lobby;
  • dining hall;
  • Bell room;
  • Bamforth room ;
  • Convocation Trust study room; and
  • Lang room.

Study bedrooms that are located near these areas may be covered with a weak signal, but this is not a supported service. In some other rooms, it is possible to pick up WiFi from the UCL and SOAS buildings that are our neighbours. But any WiFi signal in your study bedroom is, at present, there by luck rather than by design.

The University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) runs our internet and WiFi services. They are currently working on a project to deliver in-room WiFi across the intercollegiate halls of residence. So Connaught Hall will get in-room WiFi for every room, but it may be next year before this can be installed.