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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Study spaces in Hall - survey feedback

Several residents expressed dissatisfaction with the quality and amount of study space at Connaught Hall in our survey last week.

All the following areas are available for you to study in. They all have WiFi with EduRoam access. As you will see below, we are investing money in improving these areas for you.

Convocation Trust Study Room 

This is our main study area, located on the lower ground floor, north side (turn left out of the lift), past the laundrette and housekeeping, opposite room LG15.
The study room was completely refurbished only a few years ago, but we have asked the Residents' Club Committee to for their input on how we can make it a more pleasant, inviting space. We are going to hang pictures on the walls and install a few more desks, aiming to complete all this before the start of term 2.
This room is intended for quiet personal study only.

Dining hall

You can use the dining hall as study space every day after breakfast / brunch has finished, until dinner time. This space is suitable space for group study and teamwork projects. During the daytime, it's the brightest room in the building, so it's a nice, refreshing, airy place to study.
If you bring your own bread and butter, jam, etc., you are also welcome to use the toaster in the dining hall; and if you bring your own mug, drinks from the dining hall coffee machine are just 10p.
Please ensure that all your work is removed from the dining hall in time for dinner.

Lang room

The Lang Room (next to the dining hall) is currently being used to store catering equipment. This is because one of the store rooms in the kitchen was refurbished in the summer but unforeseen structural problems meant this refurbishment has taken much longer than expected. 
When the work on the kitchen store room is finished later this month, we are going to redecorate the Lang room to make it lovely and fill it with bean bags and low tables so it will become a relaxed study area, due to re-open, fully refurbished for you, in time for the start of term 2.

Reception lobby

This is a popular area for relaxed study, and you can use our coffee machine for high-quality teas, coffees, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate - starting at 70p. 
We may be able to put a few more tables in the reception area to make it easier to study there and use your laptop - we will look into this.