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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Catering staff - survey feedback

A number of survey responses last week complained about the customer service provided by our catering staff. We have heard your comments. The Hall Manager and I will meet with the Regional Business Manager for the catering company next week to find a way forward on this.

Please keep on feeding back to us any incidents of unsatisfactory customer service: Emails to this address go directly to the Warden (me), the Hall Manager, and the catering comments inbox. We aim to reply to suggestions emails within three working days.

If you do not feel able to send an email with your name, you can send an anonymous text to my mobile - 07907753894. Please note, this phone is not attended 24/7 so do not use that number for emergencies. The response time is similar to emails (three working days). In an emergency, always contact the member of staff on duty via reception.