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Thursday, 11 September 2014

FAQ: How does the health service work in England?

Most healthcare in England is free of charge on the National Health Service if you’re a student planning to stay for longer than six months.

To make best use of the health service, you must be registered with a general practitioner (GP). We very strongly urge you to register with a GP within your first few weeks in London.

If you need urgent healthcare advice or treatment, check out this guidance:

Some colleges operate their own health service:

  • UCL: University Health Centre – telephone 020 7387 6306. 
  • LSE: Health Service – telephone 020 7955 7016. 
Other colleges are affiliated to 20 Gower Street Practice – telephone 020 7636 7628:
  • ALL OTHERS (excluding UCL and LSE). 
  • KCL: Register at 20 Gower Street or at one of the three KCL Health Centres. Contact KCL for further details