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Monday, 27 January 2014

Lower ground floor: Looking after your wellbeing & welfare

We know that coming back to college after the Christmas break can be a really stressful time. Academic stress from exams and coursework deadlines, as well as the stress of making plans for accommodation next year, adds up and can take its toll on your personal welfare – sometimes in ways you couldn’t have predicted.
Recently, we have noticed frequent evidence of vomiting in the early evenings in the female toilets on your floor. We’re worried that someone might be feeling distressed and we want to help.
Here in Hall, the Senior Members and I are used to listening to residents’ worries and concerns. As Warden, as also in my other career as a medical doctor, I have many years’ experience of helping students like you deal with a whole array of issues, from self-harm and problems with food to relationship breakdown and revision problems. The Senior Members have all received mental health awareness training, including eating distress. We are here to listen, to understand, and to guide you to the best sources of help.
Conversations with us are confidential: the Senior Members might need to tell me about something if they’re worried, but we will only contact anyone outside the team if we consider that you are in immediate danger. So you really can come and talk to us about absolutely anything.
You can read about what we do and how we can help at there’s more about us in the Resident’s Handbook (
If you would like our help with something:
  • email me for an appointment – (I have some time available on Sunday evening this week);
  • come to an open office session –;
  • text me (if you want to be anonymous) on 07 907 753 894;
  • contact Joe, the Senior Member for your floor – – or Vikki, if you would prefer to talk with a female Senior Member –; or
  • ask reception to call the Duty Senior Member between 6pm and 9pm any evening (or overnight in a real emergency) – you don’t have to tell the security officer what the problem is; just say you really need to see the Duty Senior Member.
If you’re distressed about something but not ready or willing to speak with one of us yet, please consider checking out or calling one of these sources of external help:

Mental wellbeing

Talk things through with a trained volunteer on the phone, by text, or at their Central London branch (9am-9pm): 46 Marshall Street, London W1F 9BFCentral London branch:
08 457 90 90 90  -  -  Text: 07 725 90 90 90  -

Student volunteers offering telephone support
020 7631 0101  -  Skype: londonnightline  -


Support, information, and lots of advice leaflets on their website  -  0300 123 3393

Eating distress & food problems



Please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us. We really do want to help.