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Sunday, 25 August 2013

FAQ: (August/September) problems with offer letter / contract / passport photos / personal details form

My college has told me I will be offered a place at Connaught Hall but I haven't heard any more. What should I do?

Your college will have told the intercollegiate halls accommodation reservations office to send you a formal offer of accommodation. We at Connaught Hall won't know anything about you until early September.

So if you are worried that you haven't yet received your formal offer of accommodation, please contact the intercollegiate accommodation office at They should be able to help you.

I've heard that some people got sent a personal details form to fill out and return, but I don't have one. Do I have to return one? Where do I get it?

Again, all this information comes from the central accommodation office. Look out for an email from and if you haven't received a request to return a personal details form, and it's less than a month to go until you move into the Hall, contact the accommodation team at that email address.

Which room have I been given?

The accommodation office make and change room allocations right up until the move-in date, so we cannot normally tell you which room you will be allocated until the day you arrive, unless you have a disability that means you need to be given a particular room or type of room. If you have any questions about this, again, you should contact the accommodation team at

For more information about room allocations and swaps, see here:

Do I have to send passport photos? Where to?

We need three passport-typephotographs of you at least two weeks before you arrive in Hall, so that we can have your Hall ID card made and ready for you to pick up on your arrival date. 

Without your Hall ID card, it will be difficult for you to get past security each time you enter the Hall, and you may not be able to take meals in the dining hall, request packed meals, or borrow items like the vacuum cleaner, games, or table tennis bats.

Please send your three passport-type photos, with your name written on the back of each, to the Administration Office, Connaught Hall, 36-45 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9EX. 

Or you can email your photos - so long as they are the right size and shape - to Remember to include your full name in your email.

Can I arrive earlier than the date / time shown on my offer letter?

Please see this post: