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Sunday, 25 August 2013

FAQ: Arriving earlier than the date/time shown on your offer letter or contract

Can I arrive earlier than the date shown on my offer letter?

We can usually agree to an earlier arrival date, up to one or sometimes two weeks before the standard arrival date on your offer letter. Availability is not guaranteed, however.

If you want to arrange an early arrival, email Housing Services ( and carbon copy your message to the Connaught Hall management team (, clearly stating your full name and preferred arrival date.

When can I move in on the day?

Our official check-in time is 2pm. This is to ensure that your room has been cleaned following the departure of any B&B guests or other students who may have left that morning.

If you are arriving on the standard arrival date indicated on your offer letter, it is most likely that your room will have been empty for several days before you move in. So we can usually let you move in from around 9am on your check-in date. However, your room is not guaranteed to be available and clean until 2pm. If you want to be sure about whether you will be able to move in earlier than 2pm, please contact the Hall management team a week in advance of your arrival: