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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Senior Member vacancies

Senior Member vacancies | Connaught Hall, University of London

We have three vacancies for Senior Members at Connaught Hall for 2013-14.

A team of five Senior Members assist the Warden in promoting residents’ personal and social welfare, dealing with disciplinary issues, and encouraging a supportive and harmonious living environment.  Each night and at weekends one Senior Member is on duty, with responsibility for managing any emergencies that arise. In addition, they are expected to do approximately 4 hours of work per week outside of their duty shift commitments, participate fully in the life of the Hall, attend meetings, and be aware of residents’ concerns.

Duty shift times are 6pm to 8am (14 hours), Monday to Friday, and 8am to 8 am (24 hours) at weekends and bank holidays. The Duty Senior Member is required to be contactable and available on the premises for the entire shift. Senior Members can expect to be on duty approximately 52 weekday nights per year and 23 weekend days or bank holidays.

One post will start on 10th August 2013; two posts will start on 1st September. All appointments will be until 31st August 2014 in the first instance.


To be eligible for a Senior Member position, you must:
(i) be enrolled on a full-time course of study or programme of study or research within the federal University of London leading to the award of a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree, or a PGCE or MBA;
(ii) by the start date of the post, have completed at least two years' study at bachelors degree level or above in the UK;
(iii) be entitled to work a minimum of 20 hours per week in the UK (if you are not an EU citizen (excluding Bulgaria and Romania), you should check your visa and confirm with the UK Border Agency what work restrictions apply to you); and
(iv) successfully undergo a criminal records check.
Applicants should be sociable and approachable; have a mature, responsible attitude; possess excellent communication skills; be able to stay calm and take control in emergency situations. This is a compulsory live-in appointment.


Senior Members will not be offered employment contracts with the University as the post is voluntary. Accommodation in Hall is provided free of charge in recognition of duties performed.  No other payment will be made.  The accommodation (including all standard meals in the dining hall) is in a large single room.  There may be an option to upgrade to anen suite room, subject to availability, on payment of the difference between standard anden suite accommodation rates.

An advertisement, information pack, and application form will be placed on the University of London website during the week commencing Monday 13th May 2013: