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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Letter to all residents

Many of you by now have finished your exams and coursework, and have another week or so to enjoy in London without any academic commitments. Congratulations for getting through to this side of your exams on completing this year of university: you certainly deserve to celebrate. But please do remember that many others in Hall are still taking examinations - some colleges are only just starting their main exam periods. Students at those colleges deserve peace and quiet to study and rest, every bit as much as those with earlier exams did.

We have all come this far and made so many friends this year: please let's finish on a high and not sour things by being inconsiderate. Those with exams don't want to finish the year with exams on no sleep; and those who are celebrating don't want to come home to a disciplinary.

So remember to be especially quiet between 11pm and 7am - make a special effort to keep the volume down when you arrive back from a night out - and be helpful any time of day or night if your neighbour asks you to be quieter.
After two weeks of disastrous weather leading us to twice cancel the annual Hall photo, I very much hope we shall be able finally to get a picture of us all together outside the front of the Hall around 5.30pm on Thursday 6 June. Join the event on Facebook to keep up to date with any more announcements about the photo:
Also coming up in the next week or so are the Connaught Hall awards in the bar from 8pm on Monday 3 June ( and our year-end summer party, in the bar till late, on Friday 7 June (
Many of you are due to move out on Saturday 8 June. I have to tell you that Friday night's party does not in any way excuse you from the requirement to vacate your room by 10am on Saturday. Those who stay after 10am run the risk of being charged extra from their deposits. The University uses Connaught Hall in the summer for bed & breakfast bookings, and we do have some guests arriving on Saturday.
Finally, a reminder about the yearbook being produced by your Residents' Club Committee: Suggested items for your profile in the yearbook include: your photo; name; course & university; birthdate; hometown / country; contact details (email address, phone number etc); anything you would like to say about Connaught; any other comments. Please feel free to add more items to the list and be creative with your submission! In order for the book to be published before 8 June, please submit your entries by 5 June to
Good luck to those of you who are still taking examinations, and I wish a safe journey home and a relaxing summer to everyone.