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Friday, 5 April 2013

The coffee machine is working - BRING YOUR OWN MUG!

After a series of service engineers failed to show up, I spent most of this afternoon trying to repair the coffee machine myself  - and I'm pleased to report that it's working again, just in time to fuel your term 3 revision sessions!

Sadly, hundreds of cups and milk pots were stolen last term. These are paid for out of your £30/year Residents' Club subscription. Proper financial stewardship of the Club dictates that we have to take action to prevent funds being wasted like this, so from now on, the coffee machine will operate on a BYOM basis (bring your own mug). Whitener powder replaces milk pots, as this is only half the price of milk and, I hope, less likely to be stolen anyway.

Check the signs below to remind yourself of the speciality "combination" drinks menu and compare nutritional info and caffeine content for the different drinks available. Remember, we do have caffeine-free options too.