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Friday, 5 April 2013

Fridge thieves beware!

A large number of comments in the residents' survey talked about theft from the pantry fridges.

College Hall recently introduced a new scheme, using a a bit of technology and some decoy food items to catch fridge thieves. They caught three people red-handed in a week and appropriate disciplinary action was taken.

I propose to introduce the same method to catch thieves at Connaught Hall in April 2013. I really very sincerely hope that we shall not catch anyone: that this message will be enough to remind people that stealing others' food is not OK; and that the now very real threat of being caught might be a deterrent.

In the past, I have been limited to making pleas not to steal, but had no realistic means of detecting the culprits. That is no longer the case. And this has been such a persistent, insidious problem this year that I will apply harsh penalties to anyone who is caught stealing.

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