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Friday, 11 May 2012

Toilet restrictions lifted

We now have microbiological confirmation that our outbreak of diarrhoea & vomiting was caused by Norovirus. This is extremely unlikely to have originated from the kitchen, but the catering investigation will continue, so if you were affected by this outbreak, please return a "food poisoning allegation" form to the Bursar's Office as soon as you can.

There have been no new cases today.

We have removed the signs designating toilets for affected and unaffected people. All the communal toilets are now back to normal. The hand sanitisers will remain in place until further notice. Please continue to practice rigourous hand hygiene, until we get the all clear from the health agency.

If you or anyone has diarrhoea or vomiting symptoms then please contact the Senior Member on duty over the weekend or email:

If the toilets or bathroom areas become soiled / blocked with sick or diarrhoea then please report this immediately to reception and they will contact maintenance to clean any soiled areas.

Laundry: wash your bed sheets and clothes on the hottest temperature the fabric can take. Use the "whites" or "hot" feature on the washing machine; this should be up to 60 degrees - but make sure your clothes can be safely washed at this temperature first. Contact the Bursar's Office if you have any visibly soiled bed linen.

We all hope everyone who was affected is now feeling much better.