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Monday, 27 February 2012

Please do not cover smoke detectors

Since we came back to Hall for this second term, I have dealt with three cases of residents covering the smoke detector in their room.

The Connaught Hall Supplementary Regulations state:

Your Licence Agreement requires that you observe all fire safety rules… In particular, we consider:
(a) the covering of smoke detectors to conceal smoking or cooking,
(b) tampering with fire extinguishers, and
(c) deliberate false activation of the fire alarm
to be serious disciplinary offences which in some cases may lead to immediate expulsion from the Hall.

Interfering with our fire safety precautions puts everyone in the Hall at risk. As I said in my welcome speech in October, we have a real fire at Connaught Hall almost every year; two in the last ten years have been serious. It is only because we take your safety so seriously that no one has been hurt in these incidents.

The minimum penalty for covering a smoke detector is a final written warning. The maximum
penalty is immediate expulsion plus a fine of £250. Everyone has now been warned about the seriousness with which I view interference with fire safety equipment.

No further warnings will be issued: from 1 March 2012, anyone found to have covered a smoke detector will be required to leave the Hall within 48 hours.