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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Facebook policy

My policy on residents as Facebook friends:

I will always accept friend requests from residents if you want to add me, but I will never send an add request to a resident. 

That leaves the choice completely yours; nobody is made to feel uncomfortable, nobody feels obliged to accept, and nobody is discriminated against by not getting a request from me.

(If you're a future resident - i.e. I don't know you yet - you're still very welcome to add me, but please drop me a quick message with your add request, telling me that you're coming to Connaught, as I don't accept those completely random friend requests that we all get!)

I will also never "un-friend" current residents; nor will I be offended if you "un-friend" me. I may have to tidy up my contacts from time-to-time and clear friends who left the Hall more than 12 months ago.

My Facebook: