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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Milk theft

Unfortunately, theft of milk and sugar from the new coffee machine has proved to be a problem already.

In the last 48 hours, 34 drinks have been sold - many were hot chocolate or fruit teas which do not require milk.

In the same period, 60 milk portions have been taken.

The drink prices on the machine are set just to cover our costs on the optimistic assumption that nothing would be stolen. We cannot afford to subsidise this level of milk theft. We have to do something: the options are (a) the restrict the supply of milk; (b) to increase the cost of drinks to factor in the losses due to theft; or (c) acknowledge that the Club has to subsidise this cost and use our money on milk instead of parties, televisions, newspapers, sports, and games.

I have replaced milk with powder whitener in the hope that this is perhaps slightly less likely to be stolen, and because whitener sachets are less expensive than milk, so our losses will be smaller. If this does not work, then milk will be placed behind reception and one tube of milk given upon request after a drink has been purchased from the machine.

I am sorry this has been necessary.