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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Consultation on banning subwoofers

Only one response (in favour) was received to our consultation about banning subwoofer speakers in Hall.
This was the consultation text:
Subwoofers are special speakers that specifically output sound in the 20-200 Hz range. These are very low bass sounds. Sounds in the 20-200 Hz range transmit through walls, floors, and ceilings much more than higher frequencies. The overall volume of music might be reasonably low, but the bass will still cause a vibration in rooms next door, above, and below. For this reason, subwoofers will be banned at Connaught Hall by a change in the Supplementary Regulations from 1st September 2012. Subwoofers will then be at risk of confiscation if they are found in a room subject to a noise complaint.

I should like to consult current residents on whether this ban should be introduced earlier - from 3rd January 2012. Or it may be that raising awareness (through this consultation) that subwoofers can cause problems for your neighbours will be enough for this year.
Changing the regulations part-way through the year often leads to some residents feeling unfairly treated, so with only one response to the consultation, I do not think there is enough weight of opinion in favour of this change for the ban to be introduced this academic year. The change in the regulations will therefore take effect in September 2012.
If you have - or plan to acquire - a subwoofer speaker, please remember it can be disturbing to your neighbours either side, above, and below. For your neighbour's benefit, please turn if off at 11pm and be prepared to turn it off at other times if your neighbours complain about it.