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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Freshly filtered / brewed hot drinks in reception

Staying in Hall this holiday season?
Try our new speciality Flavia hot drinks machine in reception: fresh brewed tea, coffee, Galaxy hot chocolate, and herbal infusions.
Introductory price 30p for standard teas, coffees, chocolate (50p for cappuccino / latte / caramel swirl hot chocolate, which use 2 sachets). Introductory prices available until 6 January.

The machine is owned & operated by the Residents’ Club.

We have set our prices to just cover the actual cost of the machine and drinks; any small profit that might be made will be put directly back into social, sports, and entertainment events, or improving the common rooms in Hall.

Any losses due to theft or damage will also be borne by the Club and will reduce the money available for events, recreational facilities, and parties. We have installed this machine as a service and benefit for you. Please take care of it.

Please only take milk and cups to use for drinks purchased from the machine.
The drinks sachets are designed only to work with the high-pressure system inside the machine: they cannot be cut open and used to make drinks without the machine.
16 different drinks are available now, with more coming soon!
The selection so far:
"Light & smooth" smooth roast coffee
"Light & smooth" medium roast coffee
"Medium & balanced" Colombia coffee
"Medium & bright" Papua New Guinea coffee
"Dark & intense" Sumatra coffee
Smooth roast decaffeinated coffee
Galaxy hot chocolate
Any of the above can be combined with either a cappuccino/latte swirl or a Mars caramel swirl.
English breakfast tea
Strong English breakfast tea
Earl Grey tea
Lemon herbal infusion
Peppermint herbal infusion
Select green tea
Coming soon: Espresso roast coffee, hazelnut flavoured coffee, "medium & bright" Ethiopia coffee, raspberry herbal infusion, decaffeinated English breakfast tea, and gree tea with jasmine.