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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cultural diversity & noise complaint in November "two quick questions" response

An early response to November's "two quick questions" says:
I would recommend more strict enforement of after hour silence and have a corridor monitor on most nights. The balance is too much towards having mindless fun and this needs to be changed by the weak leadership. Also residents of black and ethnic minority background needs to be more enfranchised and protected, maybe you could have a diversity officer on the student council.
There are some very concerning issues here. Unfortunately, the respondent has not left his/her email address, but if there are problems in the Hall with respecting cultural diversity and/or persistent, troublesome noise violations, it is very important these are properly reported so they can be acted upon.
Please email in confidence if you can add more details about these complaints.
If you haven't yet answered my two quick questions for November, you can do so here: