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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Two quick questions

In 2007, I developed the annual residents' survey at Connaught Hall and it was rolled out for use across all eight intercollegiate halls in 2009.
This year, I want to start a new programme for obtaining residents' feedback not just in February each year but right through their time in Hall. But filling in questionnaires can be time-consuming and response rates are often low when there is no direct reward offered for completion of the survey.
So to make it easier for residents to tell us what they think, I am going to introduce the "two quick questions" programme. All residents will be invited to respond to a simple two-question survey every month or so: one question asking for a numerical agree/disagree rating, and the second question inviting the resident to explain why they gave that particular rating.
Look out for the first "two quick questions" survey in October 2011!