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Sunday, 12 June 2011


Most residents will be moving out of Connaught Hall for the end of the academic year over the next two weeks; some (mostly from King’s) have already gone.

Wherever and whenever you are travelling, I wish you a safe journey. I hope you have the chance to enjoy a well-deserved, relaxing break from your work or studies this summer, and that your accommodation plans for summer and next year are starting to come together.

It genuinely has been a pleasure to have you at Connaught Hall this year. I hope you have enjoyed your time here as much as I have, and that we have succeeded in our wish to be your home-from-home in London. Thank you all for making it such a pleasant year in Hall!

I especially want to thank this year’s Residents’ Club Committee for all their hard work in organising a social programme for the Hall and keeping our bar running as a valuable focus for Hall social life. Thank you also to everyone who made a voluntary contribution to the bar restocking fund to help the bar recover from events at Easter; I was personally very impressed by the mature, responsible reaction of the Hall community to that particular challenge.

Remember you can obtain copies of this year’s residents’ photo at (downloads) and (prints from Photobox). Keep in touch with us @connaughthall on Twitter and on Facebook; and, of course, at

If you haven't already done so, please remember to sign the petition against cuts in student support in the intercollegiate halls ( Join the campaign on Facebook (, and write directly to the University expressing your opposition to the cuts at You can follow the campaign on Twitter @SaveTheWardens.

If you are returning to the Hall next year, all the staff and Senior Members look forward to welcoming you back. Wherever you will be living, I wish you success in your work or studies and every happiness for the future.