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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Defacement of posters

The following letter was sent to all residents by email today.

Dear resident

Defacement of posters

I have received a complaint about the defacement of a number of posters between November last year and the most recent case yesterday with very unpleasant comments about some members of the Residents' Club Committee.

Any defacement of displayed material is prohibited by University of London Ordinance 17. More importantly, the offensive nature of this particular vandalism constitutes personal harassment, which is grounds for immediate expulsion under the Licence Agreement and Supplementary Regulations. Actions like this are damaging to the generally very positive community atmosphere at Connaught Hall, undermine the democratic processes of election and scrutiny of the Residents' Club Committee, and make it more difficult for your elected representatives to fulfil their roles and organise a varied and exciting social programme in Hall.

This letter is an appeal for information about who might be responsible for this vandalism; I know most residents will be horrified to think that some members of our Hall community consider this behaviour to be acceptable, and I hope you will be willing to help me make sure it does not happen again. Please get in touch - anonymously if you prefer - with any information about this matter. Or if you are one of those handful of people responsible, please consider the negative impact your behaviour has on the whole Hall community and cease this immediately.

Yours faithfully