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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Social events

Social events in Hall this week:

Connaught "my Kodak" picture challenge: Monday 5 October (afternoon)

Pub quiz: Monday 5 October in the bar (evening)

Circle Line pub crawl: Tuesday 6 October (afternoon)

Tea party with cakes: Tuesday 6 October (evening)

First-floor reception with wine: Tuesday 6 October (7-8pm in the Tavistock Room)

Visit to the Trocadero centre: Wednesday 7 October (afternoon)

Welcome buffet with wine: Wednesday 7 October (6-7pm in the dining hall)

Sports afternoon: Thursday 8 October

Speed meeting: Thursday 8 October (evening)

Ground-floor & basement reception with wine: Thursday 8 October (7-8pm in the Bamforth Room)

Third-floor reception with wine: Thursday 8 October (7-8pm in the 3rd fl Common Room)

Trip to the British Museum: Friday 9 October (afternoon)

Curry night: Friday 9 October (evening)

Trip to Camden market: Saturday 10 October (afternoon)

Freshers party: Saturday 10 October (8pm-2am in the bar)

Rounders in Regent's Park: Sunday 11 October (afternoon)

Film night: Sunday 11 October (evening)

Fourth-floor reception with wine: Sunday 11 October (7-8pm in the 4th fl Common Room)